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Seat usage reporting

With seat usage reporting, admins can see which users have assigned products and monitor their frequency of use. With this information, admins can optimize seat assignments and purchasing decisions. Seat usage reporting is only available for products with single-user access and can only measure the activity of users connected to the internet.

The seat usage summary tracks:

  • Total users: People on your team who have opened and used products

  • Total products: Assigned products that have been used

  • Total seats: Subscription seats for products with single-user access

Note: Data is protected by Autodesk privacy principles and is only used for the purposes for which it was collected. For more information, see the Autodesk privacy statement.

To view seat usage

  1. Sign into Autodesk Account at
  2. Select Reporting > Seat Usage.

Seat usage summary

  • In the Seat Usage Summary report, select a time range: 

    1. This month 

    2. Last 3 months

    3. 6 months 

    4. 9 months

    5. 12 months

  • For AutoCAD, including specialized toolsets, industry collections, and Suites, click the name of the product group to see usage by individual products.

Seat usage by product

  1. Select By Product.

  2. Select a time range. 

  3. To see details for a single product, click Details.

Seat usage by user

  1. Select By User. 

  2. Select a time range.

  3. Click the name of a user for detailed usage by product, version, and frequency.

To display user names and email addresses

  1. Select By User.

  2. Select the settings icon by Invite Users.

  3. Select Personal Data.

To export usage, user, and subscription data

You can download a spreadsheet that lists seat usage, users, and subscriptions.

  1. Sign into Autodesk Account at  

  2. Select Reporting > Seat Usage.

  3. Click Export to view the settings.

  4. Select a file format and a team. 

  5. Select one or more of these report types: Subscriptions, Users, and Usage Reporting.

  6. If you select Usage Reporting, select a date range.

  7. Click Export.


To learn more about exported data, see Usage reporting export data fields.

Usage reporting video

Video: Usage Reporting

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